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Spode was unusual because the factory stayed put on its original Industrial Revolution site. Pots were produced here from the 1700s onwards and the collection and archive form a continuous record from that time until production ceased in 2009.

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Friends of the Spode Museum:

The Spode Museum Trust Heritage Centre has been supported by an HLF 'Your Heritage' grant, and by funding from the Friends of the Spode Museum, as  well as through the support of Stoke City Council and local companies.

The Friends of the Spode Museum has to date raised funds to support the Spode Museum and handed over in excess of £38,000.  This funding has enabled the Trust to upgrade the heating in the Robert Copeland Conference Suite and lighting in the Blue Room, CCTV installation, cover costs of restoration for collection items, purchase items for the collection and  much more besides. 

In December 2018 FOSM launched an Appeal for the refurbishment of the Garrett Room, a large space on the first floor of the Heritage Centre destined to received the Ceramic Collection from its current storage facility in late 2019.

Visit the Friends of the Spode Museum website to find out more.